Hollow Vessel

Hollow Vessel

Hollow vessels are my favourite things to turn

I turned this hollow vessel a few years ago from a beech log I had recovered after a storm had knocked some trees down near me. I got the wood home and waited for it to get really spalted before I cut it up and started turning with it.

I love working with exotic timber but I will always have a soft spot for native species, especially if I can get some nice spalting going on!

This vessel is made from spalted beech and African ebony with Indian ebony and American maple banding. It is roughly is 7 inches (177mm) tall and it is finished with Mylands wax. Although this vessel has been sold, I might make a similar vessel in the future. It won’t be identical as I never repeat designs but it will be along the same lines.

Although you can buy spalted timber, It’s generally the same as buying fruit from a supermarket. Supermarkets put fruit on display before it’s properly ripe so it will survive long enough for people to buy it but it never tastes as good as fruit you’ve grown yourself because you can pick it when it’s perfectly ripe.

Spalting is a process that if left too long, can make valuable timber worthless so commercially produced spalted timber is almost always a lot less spalted than it could be to make sure that the timber is still useable and therefore will sell. If you spalt timber yourself and you keep an eye on it then you can let it spalt a lot more.

When it’s just right, cutting to size, rough turning to remove the bulk of the wood and setting aside to dry will stop the spalting process in its tracks.

I’ve got lots more of my turned work to add here and I’ll be putting any pieces I have in stock up for sale on Folksy soon so if you see something you like, go for it! I don’t do production runs, follow patterns or use templates so every piece is completely unique.

I hope you will enjoy seeing the things I make, I’ve certainly enjoyed making them!


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